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Featured Tip the Day
How to Make a Perfect Hot Oil Bubble Bath

1. Put a rubber mat in to prevent slipping.

2. Fill the tub with water that is toasty warm but
not too hot.

2. Pour in your favorite suds maker, bubble
bath soap or even dish washing liquid.

3. Add one cap full of baby oil. It will stay on the
surface mostly but what drifts onto you will
leave your skin silky soft and moisturized. The
steam will open your pores to deepen the effect.

Natural Masks You Can Make At Home for
Oily Skin and Acne

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Updated July 1, 2009 By Stephanie Brent, Contributing Columnist

Acne is caused by a combination of bacteria a oil.   Are there
any natural masks that can help with my acne and oily skin,
especially around the nose and the T-zone area of the
forehead and cheeks?

Most natural masks need two qualities. They have to be
adhesive, meaning that they stick to you skin. And they
need to be able to draw out impurities.

Here is a great mask if you have acne and oily skin.


1. A cup of sugar
2. 1/2 cup oatmeal

3. Corn syrup (honey or dark molasses also work)

4. Milk

In a bowl, mix the sugar and syrup (or molasses) oil by
stirring slowly for a minute. Do not whip it up.

Fold in the oatmeal. Do not whip it up, just blend it in
gently. It should have the consistency of cake batter. If it's
too thick, add milk, not too fast, just one tablespoon at a

Let it sit in the refrigerator for half an hour

Apply to the face leaving the eyes untouched. Leave on for
a minimum of 45 minutes to an hour.

Rinse with warm water thoroughly.

After cleaning, dab the pimples with a cotton tip with lemon
juice for the bad breakouts.

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