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Lemons Are a Natural Cure for Acne

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The skin on our bodies is like a billboard advertising our general

If you are sick, your skin will be the first to show it.

Likewise, glowing, clear skin tells the world that your body is in
perfect balance.

Body cleansing is eating and/or drinking a natural food or drink
to reduce the toxins in the body. The food supply includes a lot
of processed foods which contain preservatives and which have
been cultivated using insecticides which are toxic. Over time,
toxicity build up and you begin to feel tired and unwell, if not
outright sick.

Your skin also may experience breakouts and blemishes as
toxicity builds up.

Getting to the perfect balance of diet that is right for your body
takes time. Most of us are so filled with the daily toxins of life
---bad food, bad levels of stress, bad lifestyles-- that we must
first undergo a cleanse to correct our nutritional imbalances
before any skin product has a chance to be effective.

Here is a wonderful, general natural cleanse:

1. Buy a gallon of distilled water (any of the major bottled water
brands will work).

2. Squeeze 3 lemons into the water

3. This makes a weak lemonade. Add Splenda if you can't stand
the taste.

4. Refrigerate and each morning, start your day with a glass of
this water first. Drink 8 glasses of this lemon water each day.  

5. For lunch and dinner, 3 times a week, eat a large green salad
with dressings of balsamic vinegar and olive oil (teaspoon only).
For protein, eat egg whites only.

6. For dinner the other 4 days, eat only spinach (or broccoli )
with no dressing. Eat no meat except salmon or tuna.

7. After dinner, drink a hot tea of chamomille (any popular brand
will do), lemon and add Splenda if you can't stand the taste.

After a week, your body should begin to feel more in balance.

Now, let's tackle the exterior breakouts.

There are home remedies for acne. One of the best secret
natural cures for acne is found in your refrigerator -- a bowl of

How do lemons help to cure acne? The secret lies in
understanding what causes acne. Acne is caused by bacteria
trapped in skin pores. Once trapped, the bacteria inflames the
pores, causing swelling, redness and sores.

How does lemon juice help? Lemons are acidic. In fact, in the
centuries before the discovery of penicillin, people used home
remedies to sterilize, such as lemons and vinegar.

Many of today's expensive acne remedies also use acid in some
form or another to kill off acne-causing bacteria.

A word of caution. Don't overdue it. Lemon is acidic, so it can
cause redness in sensitive skin. Your best strategy is to try out
lemon juice on a small area or pimple first, using a cotton tip.. It
ordinarily takes a few days to work.For the scarring, you might
try a bit of Bio-Oil.

For the Whitheads and Blackheads

1. Once a week, steam open your pores by bending over a pot of
hot water with a towel over your head or sitting in a bubble bath.

2. Dry the face gently.

3. Apply a mud mask. Most beauty suppliers (Mary Kay, Avon,
Revlon,etc) make a good mud clay mask.

4. Rinse with warm water. Then finish with cold water to close
the pores again.

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