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How do you wash your  face to keep it clear of pimples?  Even
at age 25 or 35, many of us still are having breakouts. Good
grief.  Here, at last, is the best way to wash your face to prevent
pimples and breakouts.

1.  Prep Your face.  Before you wash, start to prep your face by
opening up the pores. Your face is asleep, with its pores closed
to protect them against invasion by bacteria and particles.  You
have to open the pores up to clean your face properly.  

Use a warm mist. Your shower works best.  Let your face get
sprayed by the steam from your shower for at least 10 minutes
while you wash the rest of your body.  

2. Clean and Warm your hands. Make sure your hands are clean
and warm before you touch your face. Your pores are now open.
Do not infect them with dirty hands.

3. Clean your Face Cloth.  Ever wonder why your face always
breaks out even though you use expensive products. It's that dirty
rag you use to wash your face with.  The best practice is to use a
fresh cloth every day. But if you can't, at least stick your face
cloth in the microwave for 2 minutes a day. Serious. The amount
of germs that grow on your face cloth in a day is about 4 million.
4 million bacteria cells in 24 hours. Most face cloths are filthier
than the toilet.

4. Glycerin Soap. You have to treat the oil and the pimples like
they are 2 different problems. The oil can be controlled in 2
ways. Use a clear, glycerin soap to wash your face. There are
several good brands of glycerin soap. Try out a few of them to
find one that you like. Neutrogena makes one. Many other
companies do as well as.  Then, use a clay mask once a week.

5. Lemons. The pimples will be helped by the washing routine
but when you do get pimples, use lemons. The juice kills the
bacteria that cause acne.

Lemon juice is citric acid. It works just as well if not better than
the commercial acids and antipsetics like benzoyl peroxide to
kill the bacteria.

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