Bikini Razor Bumps-- Natural Remedies
That Work
January 1, 2009, last updated September 24, 2014
By Sarah Gillespie, Skin Editor and
the Staff of chootoo
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Harvard Skin Disease Research Center
Skin Research Centre-University of Leeds UK
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Here are the best natural remedies for those unsightly, red
razor bumps and around your bikini line. These remedies
will help that red rash disappear.

1.  Cold yogurt. Use white, natural
unsweetened yogurt.
Refrigerate it for at least 2 hours before use. It works best
when you use it twice a day, in the mornings and at night.
Leave it on for at least 15 minutes.  

2. Aloe
vera gel. If you don't have a tube, pick one up. This
little magic gel is a good general soother for all types of
skin irritations and rashes.
(Read more about the health
benefits of aloe

3. Witch hazel.  This is a little known secret used around
the world and especially in Latin America, where it is
called maravilla. Just apply it with a cotton ball. Soak the
ball in it, don't be stingy. Leave it on for at least 15
minutes. At night, you can even the cotton ball or squares
to your skin so that the witch hazel can work its magic

4. Cucumber mash. This is a chootoo original remedy. Put
3 ice cubes, a peeled cucumber, and 3 tablespoons of
witch hazel  in a blender for 45 seconds on medium speed.
It makes a cold cucumber mash. This is like heaven to
irritated skin. Your skin will love you for it. You can also
use this chootoo cucumber mash on your face to calm
down redness and rashes in general. Ladies, it works!
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Harvard Skin Disease Research Center
Skin Research Centre-University of Leeds UK
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