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January 1, 2009, Last Updated September 24, 2012
By: Amanda Gillespie and Editors, Chootoo

Here's the scene. You are just combing your hair and you get a
mirror to see how the back looks. That's when you see it.  A bald
spot. What! Where did that come from?  What could have
caused a bald spot in your hair?

Balding is usually thought of as a guy thing.  In fact almost 40%
of men experience some form of balding, either receding
hairlines or shiny tops. But what most people don't know is that
almost 30% of women also experience significant hair loss at
some point in their lives.

It happened to me when I was on my first job. I was working at a
big company and we were assigned to a supervisor closer to our
age to "mentor" us and supervise our work. This woman hated
me. She was some form of sadist. I lie not.   After about two
months under her "mentoring", I went to get my usual perm and
my hairdresser told me "you have a bald spot about the size of a

The stress had actually pulled out a plug from my head.

Stress is a common cause of temporary or episodic balding in
young women. Medications, especially steroids of any type (such
as the one you can be prescribed for asthma or acne) also can
cause baldness.

Another major cause of balding in women are chemicals we use
on our hair. Over-processing from perms and dyes of any sort
can weaken the hair shaft, even damage the hair root and cause
temporary or permanent baldness.

Some hair styles contribute to baldness. Pulling your hair in
tight braids can cause baldness especially on the hair line.  Even
just pulling your hair back severely in a tight ponytail can cause
the hairs around your hairline to weaken and fall out.

Diets can also cause balding. It is well known that iron
deficiencies can lead to anemia and can cause temporary
alopecia (baldness) in women. So can deficiencies in a number
of nutrients. Fatty diets, at least those rich in saturated fat, have
been linked to increased baldness in men.

Also, foods that contain large amounts of metals such as arsenic
can cause hair loss. Arsenic occurs in trace amounts in foods
such as rice. Over time, arsenic levels accumulate and can build
up enough to trigger hair loss. (Read more about the
effects of having too much arsenic in your food

Here are simple natural remedies for hair loss and bald spots,
based on recommendations from hair professionals: treatments
for dry hair  you can try to help moisturize dry, brittle hair and
keep it from falling out.

What can you do about losing your hair. Here are some tips:

1. Easy does it. Do not over manipulate our hair. Pulling,
braiding and even hard brushing can cause hair loss. Extreme
hair styles and rough handling of your hair should be avoided.
Styles that pull at your hair line (braids, weaves, cornrows, tight
ponytails, etc) can leave you bald.

2. Skip the fries and burgers. Fatty foods have been linked to
increased balding. This is the reason that men in Asia who eat
traditional Asian diets suffer lower rates of balding than
American men and other men in Western countries. Try to eat a
diet that nourishes your hair.

3. No perms.  Perms are about the worst thing you can do to
weaken your hair shaft. They can also burn out your hair follicle
completely. Think of them as a nuclear bomb you drop on your
head. Scorched earth is all that's left behind.

No permanent dyes. Listen, ladies, I know many of you love
the permanent dyes. But they almost always contain harsh
chemicals which just leave your hair weakened and promote
hair loss if you don't stay on top of the weekly conditioning.

Permanent dyes are "permanent" because they alter the hair
shaft at the molecular level. They do this by opening up the hair
shaft and inserting a new color in place of your natural one. As a
result, they weaken your hair.

If you must use a permanent dye, try spacing out your usage by
alternating a rinse instead of the permanent dye every other

You might also consider a henna dye, which can be less harsh
on the hair shaft.
Read more on the health dangers of
permanent hair dyes.

5. Moisturize your hair. Dry hair breaks more easily. Each
week, you should set aside time to properly condition your hair.
Deep conditioners that work don't have to be expensive. Here
are some
natural at home hair conditioners that work.

Use an egg yolk to condition your hair and scalp. Egg yolks
are a natural source of iron. Massage and egg yolk into your
scalp once a week. Mix the egg yolk with olive oil and half a
teaspoon of lemon juice. The citric acid in the lemon juice will
help your scalp to absorb the iron better.

Now, find out more about keeping your scalp and hair healthy
and beautiful:
 Stop Dandruff Now / Grow Your Hair / Dry Hair
Treatments At Home


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