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                                                    About Us was started in May 2008 with a simple goal: become a trusted and useful place on the
web where women who are single, mothers, daughter, wives and partners to find and share insights
on how to make their lives better.
 Over the past 7 years, we have built what we hope is a foundation
for that trust.

We'd like to be a bridge to help you explore the possibilities of your life.  Here you will find diet and
beauty tips here, but you will also find o news on legislation and initiatives around the world affecting
women and girls around the world. You'll find links to powerful women who are expanding the
possibilities for the educational and career paths for women and girls everywhere.  Every day we
strive to achieve that goal as fully as possible.

We have a commitment to keep the information we give our readers accurate and updated.

Thanks for visiting. Got a complaint or a suggestion for us? Just
e-mail us to drop a note in the box.

Editors, Chootoo

last updated, July 9, 2015
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